Friday April 1 back at Nectar’s

So now we head back to Nectar’s after a few weeks away from what feels like our home club. Mr Lawton will be back on drums, and although we had some great subs while he was away on tour, we’re always happiest when Rust-oleum is on the scene. Of course driving yourself to gigs, carrying your own gear, and tech-ing your own drums is a little different than being cared for on the long, shiny buses, but Russ is always down with keepin’ it real. Bring your appetite and your dancing shoes.
Opener Seth Yacavone 7-9, GFB 10-2 AM, 21+, 5 bucks

Luke Bellamy KILLS it at Nectar’s

Thanks to everybody who made it down to Nectar’s this past Friday, we had a great time as always. Special thanks to Luke who drove over sketchy roads from Somerville MA to help out the hometown heros. No rehearsal, run one tune for soundcheck, then BAM right into the mix without missing a beat. Ably assisted by comrade Ushakov at FOH console.
We were psyched to see Tony Hall’s smiling face as well; he was in town for a Mardi Gras kickoff party with Ivan Neville’s Dumpstafunk and swung through after that set to do a little singin and playing, giving BigBass a chance to catch up on his socializing…
Now we gear up for “For Your Eyes Only”, a benefit on Saturday for The Helen Day Arts Center at the Stowe Mountain Lodge, for tickets, it’s sure to be another memorable night!
Check out Bite Club TV for some Nectar’s kitchen action with soundtrack provided by the ever funky GFB from this past Saturday: